Removal of Blackboard Organisations

Important Changes to Blackboard Organisations

Blackboard Organisations behave like courses and contain tools that enable members to communicate efficiently. You can post information, have discussions, and share documents. Organisations are an ideal place to connect with other users with whom you share interests or extra-curricular activities.

Following the changes in data protection law, the LTTU are revising the way in orgswhich Organisations are set up and administrated in Blackboard and as part of this we are conducting some housekeeping to remove old, unused organisation sites.

If you currently have a Blackboard organisation that you are still using, please let us know by Monday 9th July, otherwise these will be all be removed after that date.

Modules for course delivery are automatically created through the integration with the Student Records System, however Organisations need to be set up manually and participants enrolled as a separate process. As Blackboard is primarily a system for learning and teaching, from now onward we will only be setting up organisation areas for the following purposes:

  • Course/programme wide sites
  • Research projects
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Community engagement

Blackboard should not be used purely for document sharing as the University system for this purpose is Microsoft One-Drive which is supported by ICT. If you have a Blackboard site currently used for this purpose please ensure you back up any documents you wish to keep before Monday July 9th 2018.

Please notify us of any organisations you with to keep by emailing us at


TEL Summer Workshops

Technology Enhanced Learning Summer Workshops now available!

A range of summer workshops from the Learning and Teaching Technology unit are now available to book via the Staff Development Workshops page, here.

Setting up Turnitin for Assessment

This workshop will cover setting up Turnitin assignments for summative submission, marking and feedback.

25/06/18, 10.00 – 11.30am, St Johns Campus


Blackboard made simple

This workshop will cover the basics of using the Blackboard system from requesting access to modules to changing the basic template and uploading content in various forms. It will also provide participants with advice on effective design to support student learning. Aimed at users who are new to the system or who need a refresher.

04/07/18, 9.45 – 11.15am, St Johns Campus


Electronic marking, what’s in it for you?

This session will provide an overview of the University project to implement end-to-end electronic management of assessment through the Blackboard VLE. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and raise any issues they may have.

04/07/18, 11.30 – 12.30pm, St Johns Campus


Collaborate Virtual Classroom

Blackboard Collaborate is an online virtual classroom/meeting space which allows users to connect via audio, see each other via webcams, use a chat tool, collaborate on documents and view presentations as well as other features. This session will cover the basic functionality, options for setting up your own sessions and guidance on best practice.

05/07/18, 10.15 – 11.45am, St Johns Campus


Using quizzes, tests and surveys in Blackboard

There are 17 different question types ranging from multiple choice to hot-spots to calculated questions in Blackboard. These can be included in formative, summative or anonymous tests and surveys to gain student feedback, guage understanding and ultimately, assess student performance. This workshop will cover the set-up of a test canvas and the various options that entails together with a closer look at all the question types and how these might be used. Participants will be engaged both as students to experience the student view, and also as tutors setting up and marking their own quizzes to gain an all-round appreciation of the online assessment function.

10/07/18, 9.45 – 11.15am, St Johns Campus



Camtasia is a piece of software that can be used to produce videos, screencasts and interactive learning objects. This tool is easy to use and can produce really professional looking materials which you can make available to your students through the VLE and can support a flipped classroom type approach to teaching and learning. This workshop will cover the basics of using Camtasia and provide hands on practice in the use of the software.

17/07/18, 9.45 – 11.15am, St Johns Campus

If you would like any bespoke training for you or your team over the summer, please email

Blackboard Rollover

Blackboard Modules for Academic year 18-19

It’s that time of year again and in response to feedback, this year we will beblackboard providing you with access to all your modules for the academic year 18/19 from 14th June 2018.

Students will not be enrolled until the end of August so you will have time to prepare your modules for the new semester.

Content from previous years will not be rolled over automatically, however if you would like to copy materials from previous iterations you can follow these instructions here:
Or you can request that we copy this over for you by emailing

Please note, if you have used Blackboard/Turnitin for assignment submission DO NOT use ‘select all’ for the copy process as this will duplicate your grade centre columns and settings.

Lino: Sticky and Photo Sharing

What is it? lino logo

Lino is an online bulletin board service in which sticky notes can be used to post memos, to-do lists, ideas, photos and videos.

What can it be used for?

Lino can be used for various activities such as planning and research, sharing ideas with colleagues and classmates and for posting reflections. During lectures, Lino can be used to post questions to students for them to respond to in real-time. Similarly, students can post questions on Lino around any areas they are unclear about, class discussions and group work.
lino screenshot

What are its useful features?

Free version available.
Unlimited number of canvases.
Take notes anywhere – home, office or mobile.
App available for iOS and Android devices.
Share files, post photos and videos.
Set due dates on your stickies and receive email reminders.
Multiple users can edit the same canvas – great for group work and class discussions.

To find out more about Lino, visit:
Frequently asked questions can be found here:

Many of you are already utilising Padlet for your online sticky note needs but for anyone looking for an alternative solution, give Lino a go and let us know what you think!

Introducing our new Academic Learning Technologist

Nisha Headshot Cropped (002)

I’m delighted to announce that Nisha Sharif has been appointed as our new Academic Learning Technologist. You may have already come across Nisha who has been working in the team as e-learning advisor for the past 16 months dealing with the team emails and generally keeping us organised. After a very competitive recruitment process, Nisha will now take up her new role and will be supporting academics and students in using Blackboard, PebblePad, Turnitin and all the other learning technologies provided by the team.

With a background in creative digital media, Nisha is keen to work with academic staff wishing to create interactive learning materials or screencasts. The team have access to authoring software which can help build professional learning objects so if you have an idea of a resource you would like to develop but don’t know where to start, please get in touch with Nisha who can work collaboratively with you to help develop your idea.

You can contact Nisha at or via twitter @lttu_uw

Collaborate Feedback Panel

The Collaborate Feedback panel is great for obtaining general feedback from your students during your webinar.

feedback panelYou can use this to gauge how your session is going and how well your students are following you. It is also one way of carrying out quick polling with the “Agree” and “Disagree” options.

You can get to the feedback panel by clicking on your profile picture next to the microphone option.



There are also a couple of really useful keyboard shortcuts –    ALT + M for enabling your microphone and ALT + C for turning on your webcam.

Collaborate Settings Cog


You can add a profile picture to your Collaborate profile to help create a learner community. It is a good idea to encourage your students to do the same. In order to do this click on your profile picture placeholder from within the “Settings Cog” icon.profil pic


You can either upload an existing picture or take a picture with your webcam while logged in to Collaborate.