Discover your Digital Capabilities!

The University has joined the JISC Digital Discovery pilot together with over 100 other HE and FE institutions to try out a new tool to help staff reflect on their digital capabilities.

It is:

  • A self-administered quiz about professional digital practices (in education)
  • Designed to give useful feedback including ‘next steps’ and links to resources
  • Reflective, informative and developmental

It’s also completely anonymous and purely for your own personal information (although it can provide some high level metadata about skills across the university as a whole). Some sections may be more relevant to certain roles than others so please don’t worry if you find a certain section is not relevant to your role – just answer as best you can.

Take the quiz here:

  1. Click on the ‘sign-up’ link just below the ‘Sign in’ box.
  2. This will take you through the sign up process, where you will need to provide your name and email address
  3. You will then need to create your password  (this needs to be at least 8 characters, one capital letter and one number). This is also where you need to use the code dcap17!
  4. Finally you will need to select your institution from the drop down list (note that this is sensitive to any apostrophes in your organisation name) and your department and role before reading the data privacy notice and creating your account.


Further details about the tool can be found here: