PebblePad Update

PebblePad have been working away on numerous improvements to the system, which will be rolled out during an update over the next couple of weeks.

One of the updates with be the new, improved editor. The formatting bar will appear towards the top of the page and will always be visible when editing a text block. It will also provide better copy and paste function and more fonts.

See our example of the new editor here:

Please share this video with any of your students that are using PebblePad.

The update will also include banner improvements, clear indication of submitted assets and accessibility enhancements.

Full details of the update can be found here: PebblePad 1801 Update

TEL Workshops 2017/18

Semester One Workshops


You can sign up for any of the following workshops from the Staff Development Booking pages here. 

Using quizzes, tests and surveys in Blackboard

There are 17 different question types ranging from multiple choice to hot-spots to calculated questions in Blackboard. These can be included in formative, summative or anonymous tests and surveys to gain student feedback, gauge understanding and ultimately, assess student performance. This workshop will cover the set-up of a test canvas and the various options that entails together with a closer look at all the question types and how these might be used. Participants will be engaged both as students to experience the student view, and also as tutors setting up and marking their own quizzes to gain an all-round appreciation of the online assessment function.

25/10/17 – 14.15-15.45 – EE1022

Collaborate Virtual Classroom

Description: Blackboard Collaborate is an online virtual classroom/meeting space which allows users to connect via audio, see each other via webcams, use a chat tool, collaborate on documents and view presentations as well as other features. This session facilitated by Gillian Fielding from Blackboard will include an overview of the product, a number of use cases and examples from other Universities including a range of teaching, learning and assessment examples, as well a host of other non-teaching uses.

30/10/2017 – 10:15-11:45 – EEG031

PebblePad Portfolio

Description: This session will provide participants with the knowledge to construct their own portfolio of evidence using the PebblePad software. It will also include discussion on how this can be used for learning and teaching.

07/11/2017 – 09:45-11:15 – EEG023

Bronze, Silver or Gold – how’s your Blackboard Site looking?

Description: Almost all modules are now making use of Blackboard in some way however we want to encourage teaching staff to think about their Blackboard sites and consider ways that they might provide a better learning experience for their students. With this in mind we have designed a self-audit tool which staff can use to appraise their own use of Blackboard in line with the baseline standards, and we have used the bronze, silver and gold categories to mirror the TEF. This workshop will take you through the levels of Blackboard usage with reference to research that’s been undertaken with students to highlight their needs. Participants will then have the opportunity to review one of their modules and make revisions in line with the new standards.

15/11/2017 – 10:15-11:45 – EEG023

Blackboard made simple

Description: This workshop will cover the basics of using the Blackboard system from requesting access to modules to changing the basic template and uploading content in various forms. It will also provide participants with advice on effective design to support student learning. Aimed at users who are new to the system or who need a refresher.

21/11/2017 – 10:15-11:45 – EEG023


Description: Camtasia is a piece of software that can be used to produce videos, screencasts and interactive learning objects. This tool is easy to use and can produce really professional looking materials which you can make available to your students through the VLE and can support a flipped classroom type approach to teaching and learning. This workshop will cover the basics of using Camtasia and provide hands on practice in the use of the software.

05/12/2017 – 10:15-11:45 – EEG023

Tracking Student Engagement in Blackboard

Description: Student engagement and progression is key to their success and the retention centre and performance dashboard are tools in Blackboard which can help you monitor your students’ activity within your Blackboard. In this workshop we will look at setting up rules for reporting lack of engagement and/or achievement and discuss strategies for re-engaging students and promoting active learning.

04/12/2017 – 10:15-11:45 – EEG023

PebblePad User Group Meeting


We will be hosting a PebblePad user group meeting on 21st April, 2016 14.15-16.15 in CC009 (Hereford).

There is a new version  which has just been released and Debbie Holmes from PebblePad will be here to talk us through the latest updates and news from the PebblePad developers.

Current PebblePad users will share their experiences of using the tool and new users or anyone interested in finding out more about how PebblePad can be used to support learning and teaching are very welcome to attend.

Please sign up for the meeting on the Staff Development Booking site.


PebblePad App

If you are a PebblePad user you may  be interested to know that there is now a free App called PebblePocket, available for iOS and Android users. PebblePocket is an app powered by PebblePad that lets you quickly create assets on the go. It allows you to edit and save the mobile assets on your device and send them to your Pebble+ asset store. Please click here for further information.