Removal of Blackboard Organisations

Important Changes to Blackboard Organisations

Blackboard Organisations behave like courses and contain tools that enable members to communicate efficiently. You can post information, have discussions, and share documents. Organisations are an ideal place to connect with other users with whom you share interests or extra-curricular activities.

Following the changes in data protection law, the LTTU are revising the way in orgswhich Organisations are set up and administrated in Blackboard and as part of this we are conducting some housekeeping to remove old, unused organisation sites.

If you currently have a Blackboard organisation that you are still using, please let us know by Monday 9th July, otherwise these will be all be removed after that date.

Modules for course delivery are automatically created through the integration with the Student Records System, however Organisations need to be set up manually and participants enrolled as a separate process. As Blackboard is primarily a system for learning and teaching, from now onward we will only be setting up organisation areas for the following purposes:

  • Course/programme wide sites
  • Research projects
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Community engagement

Blackboard should not be used purely for document sharing as the University system for this purpose is Microsoft One-Drive which is supported by ICT. If you have a Blackboard site currently used for this purpose please ensure you back up any documents you wish to keep before Monday July 9th 2018.

Please notify us of any organisations you with to keep by emailing us at