Blackboard for Semester 1

Blackboard logo

Blackboard modules starting in Semester 1 2017 have now been available for some time ready for you to start populating with resources and activities for new and returning students.

With effect from 1st September, Blackboard access will become available to students as they register for the new academic year so when they log in they will be able to see any modules that they have registered for and access anything that has been added. By default this will be a blank template with a welcome page saying that it’s not currently being used so please take the time to go in and update the welcome message. Your Blackboard site may be your students’ first taste of the module so it’s great opportunity to make a good impression!

If you have copied content over from a previous year please check that information relating to dates and times has been updated, and that old announcements and other communications have been removed.

We have also given the user interface an update so there is a fresh new look and feel to the system – all the functionality is still the same though so you can continue to use all the tools and features that were previously available.

Guidance on how to meet the baseline standards for VLE use can be found here and students’ top ten tips for designing your Blackboard site can be found here.

If you need any help or advice with getting your Blackboard site ready please contact