New template for Semester 2


Modules for Semester 2 and Term 2 and 3 are now available in Blackboard for tutors to start populating ready for next semester.

We have made a few changes to the template this year that we would like to draw your attention to.

  • Welcome message – if you have not added anything to your Blackboard module area the students will see a message advising them to contact the tutor. All tutors should at least modify this Welcome message so that students are directed to any online learning materials provided. Please see the Baseline Standards for VLE use which provide more information about minimum requirements.
  • Reading Lists – there is now a direct link to your Talis Reading List from Blackboard – please ensure that you have set up and published your reading list so that students can access it via this link.
  • Virtual Classroom – each module now has access to the Collaborate Virtual Classroom tool and we have added a link to the course menu. By default this is hidden but if you would like to use this you can just “show” the link from the drop-down options next to the menu item and it will be ready to start using with your students.

. We have not automatically copied content over from previous years as you may wish to update your teaching materials, however, if you would like content copied over this can be done by following the instructions attached or by sending a request to the module code, name and what you require copying

We will add the students to the modules early in the new year to give you chance to get these set up and ready.