Learning and Teaching related MOOCs


Massive Open Online Courses have been increasing in popularity over the last few years and there are now thousands of courses on offer from Universities and Educational Institutions from around the world. These are all free to participate in online and can provide a really useful learning experience and access to educators and resources that would otherwise not be possible.

In this post I’ve pulled together  some of the MOOCs currently on offer that relate to learning and teaching, but you can go to the course catalogue on any of the platforms and find other interesting courses which may relate to your own subject area and may be of interest to your students.

Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started – Futurelearn

The University of Leeds in association with the Institute of Education and the Association for Learning Technology are offering Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started. Whilst this is aimed at the Vocational Education and Training Sector there is likely to be lots of information that is also relevant to Higher Education.


Blended Learning: Personalizing education for students – Coursera

 Again, not directed towards Higher Education teaching this course focuses on school education in the United State but again, may have some transferable learning that can be applied in the HE context.


Blended Learning with edX – EdX

A more general approach to blended learning this course’s introduction reads “Explore ways to blend educational technology with traditional classroom learning to improve educational outcomes. Perfect for instructors or institutional leadership interested in creating blended learning experiences with edX. “


An Introduction to Online Learning – Canvas Network

 A slightly different focus for this course which is aimed at the student studying online but could provide a useful insight for teaching online also.


Study Skills for Academic Success – CourseSites

 This MOOC is offered by the University of Northampton and so will be relevant to students studying in the UK


Libby Symonds

Team Leader – Learning and Teaching Technology Unit